Viktoria® Fabric Clothes Tie Dye 59 COLOURS 200g Fabric for each pack UK Stock Viktoria Fabric Dye


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UK Stock, 10-12 concentrated powder dye for 200 gr fabric The colors in the picture may vary slightly from the actual product color due to your computer monitor variances. COMBINED SHIPPING:If you...

Color: 01 Pink

  • 01 Pink
  • 02 Pale Orange
  • 03 Light Pink
  • 04 Dark Pink
  • 05 Coral Red
  • 06 Fire Pink
  • 07 Vermillion
  • 08 Red
  • 09 Dark Red
  • 10 Sour Cherry
  • 11 Yellow
  • 12 Orange
  • 13 Dried Rose
  • 14 Light Beige
  • 15 Dark Beige
  • 16 Tobacco
  • 17 Light Brown
  • 18 Medium Brown
  • 19 Brown
  • 20 Dark Brown
  • 21 Crimson
  • 22 Purplish Red
  • 23 Light Blue
  • 24 Medium Blue
  • 25 Dark Blue
  • 26 Light Purple
  • 27 Dark Purple
  • 28 Light Navy Blue
  • 29 Medium Navy Blue
  • 30 Black
  • 31 Lavender
  • 32 Beige
  • 33 Light Grey
  • 34 Dark Grey
  • 35 Cyan
  • 36 Light Sprout
  • 37 Dark Sprout
  • 38 Green
  • 39 Dark Green
  • 40 Naphta
  • 41 Khaki
  • 42 Canary Yellow
  • 43 Wine
  • 44 Blood Orange
  • 45 Emerald
  • 46 Oil
  • 47 Olive
  • 48 Saxony
  • 49 Indigo
  • 50 Purplish Navy Blue
  • 51 Dark Navy Blue
  • 52 Burned Brown
  • 53 Dark Wine
  • 54 Dark Lavender
  • 55 Violet
  • 56 Gold Yellow
  • 57 Dark Yellow
  • 60 Bead Blue
  • Fixative Colour Stabilator
  • Colour Remover
  • 61 Bluejean Blue
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UK Stock, 10-12 concentrated powder dye for 200 gr fabric

The colors in the picture may vary slightly from the actual product color due to your computer monitor variances.

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Suitable for Cotton, linen and viscose.
Wool, Silk, Polyester/cotton and polyester/viscose mixes will dye to lighter  shade

Not suitable: Pure polyester, acrylic, nylon &  fabric with special finishes

Fabric dyeing is seen as a demanding job by everyone. The reason is that dyeing requires workshop, additional equipment, follow-up and time. Since if one aims to make dyeing professionally, there is a need for a suitable workshop, supplementary equipment (certain chemicals and outfits) to be used in the workshop and certainly the time to follow the processes. 

Viktoria Fabric Dyes steps in at that point exactly. There is no need for workshop, additional equipment, follow-up and time thanks to Viktoria Fabric Dyes. Because the Viktoria Dye has been designed and developed accordingly. 

While dyeing your fabric with Viktoria Fabric Dyes, the only workshop you need is your home. Yes, you did not read it wrong! Every house is a workshop for you. What about the required additional equipment and chemicals? We thought about this as well; the additional equipment is your washing machine and the required chemicals are some salt and vinegar which are at your elbow at home. All that remains is to choose your way of practicing according to your imagination. The most important point is the environmental sensitivity of Viktoria Fabric Dyes. Viktoria Fabric Dyes are safely cleaned from both sewage and septic systems and do not damage the nature

Viktoria Bucket or Sink Method

  1. To determine how much dye is needed, weigh the item to be dyed on a food scales or estimate the weight. Generally, a package of Viktoria Fabric Dye dyes 200 grams of dry fabric. If you want to get a very bold color, double the amount of dye.
  2. If you are not sure about whether your fabric will accept the dye or whether it will be the color you want, we recommend that you first test a swatch. 
  3. Before dyeing, remove stains on the clothes. This enables to have straight color results while dyeing. Wash the prewashing item with warm and soapy water. This helps to remove all surfaces which may prevent dye absorption.
  4. Cover the working place with a plastic tablecloth and use practical paper towels to protect against possible spills.
  5. Use rubber gloves to protect hands from getting dirty and to isolate them when working with hot water.
  6. Fill a plastic container or stainless steel sink with enough water to allow the fabric to move freely. Water should be 60ºC ideally. If the tap water is not hot enough, heat the water in the oven and add to the dye liquor. 
  7. To boost the color: (1) add a glass of salt while dyeing fabrics containing cotton, rayon, ramie and linen; (2) add a glass of vinegar while dyeing fabrics containing nylon, silk or wool. 
  8. Add a tea spoon of dishwashing liquid to support level dyeing.
  9. Dissolve the powder paint duly with a hot water in a plastic container.
  10. Cast the dissolved powder paint into dye liquor and stir well.
  11. Test the color by sopping a paper towel in the dye liquor. If the color is too light, add more dye. If the color is too dark, add more water. 
  12. Wet the item to be dyed and add to the dye liquor.
  13. Stir slowly and continuously. The first ten minutes is the most critical. Stirring helps to provide the same color without leaving stains. 
  14. The item can be kept within the dye liquor for ten minutes to an hour. Keep the fabric in the dye liquor for at least 30 minutes to ensure that the color is completely filled. Nylon inclines to dye much faster and much darker than other fibers, so less time is needed in the dye liquor. 
  15. When the desired color is achieved, remove it from the dye liquor. The fabric will look darker when wet and then will become lighter as it dries.
  16. To boost color and reduce color bleeding, use Fiske Fabric Dye Stabilizer immediately after dyeing and before washing by reading these instructions. 
  17. Rinse in cold water till the rinse water begins to clarify.
  18. Wash with warm water and mild detergent, then rinse and dry.




    01 Pink, 02 Pale Orange, 03 Light Pink, 04 Dark Pink, 05 Coral Red, 06 Fire Pink, 07 Vermillion, 08 Red, 09 Dark Red, 10 Sour Cherry, 11 Yellow, 12 Orange, 13 Dried Rose, 14 Light Beige, 15 Dark Beige, 16 Tobacco, 17 Light Brown, 18 Medium Brown, 19 Brown, 20 Dark Brown, 21 Crimson, 22 Purplish Red, 23 Light Blue, 24 Medium Blue, 25 Dark Blue, 26 Light Purple, 27 Dark Purple, 28 Light Navy Blue, 29 Medium Navy Blue, 30 Black, 31 Lavender, 32 Beige, 33 Light Grey, 34 Dark Grey, 35 Cyan, 36 Light Sprout, 37 Dark Sprout, 38 Green, 39 Dark Green, 40 Naphta, 41 Khaki, 42 Canary Yellow, 43 Wine, 44 Blood Orange, 45 Emerald, 46 Oil, 47 Olive, 48 Saxony, 49 Indigo, 50 Purplish Navy Blue, 51 Dark Navy Blue, 52 Burned Brown, 53 Dark Wine, 54 Dark Lavender, 55 Violet, 56 Gold Yellow, 57 Dark Yellow, 60 Bead Blue, Fixative Colour Stabilator, Colour Remover, 61 Bluejean Blue

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    Viktoria® Fabric Clothes Tie Dye 59 COLOURS 200g Fabric for each pack UK Stock Viktoria Fabric Dye

    01 Pink
    01 Pink